Goalie Fight: Amazing battle at center ice from SPHL, on ‘Military Appreciation Night’ (VIDEO)

Puck Daddy

Goalie fights don't happen all that often, which is a good thing.

They're typically like witnessing two drunk frat boys in sumo suits trying to flop on each other during the Greek Games. Or they have a few good punches before the combatants realize "OMG we're goalies, let's protect each other as we're genetically wired to do" and then they hug.

So mega-kudos to Pensacola Ice Flyers goalie Ross MacKinnon and Mississippi Surge goalie Kiefer Smiley of the Southern Professional Hockey League, who engaged in one of the best keeper battles we've seen — on "Military Appreciation Night" no less (fight is about 30 seconds into this postgame line brawl):

That first punch from Mackinnon had us thinking we were headed for Brent Johnson's KO of Rick DiPietro, but it just managed to fire up Smiley to beat the bloody hell out of Mackinnon for about 20 seconds.

Also, he has great hockey hair for a fight. Just sayin'.

From the Surge's website:

Kiefer Smiley was pulled towards the end of the game, and after the scrum Ross Mackinnon, Pensacola goaltender challenged Smiley and anyone who knows Smiley knows he doesn't back away from a fight.

The two tussled with Smiley getting the better of the two, and 4153 fans went home pumped up but the Ice Flyers skated away and flew home with the win, 4-3.

Kiefer Smiley stopped 20 of 24 shots and suffered the loss. Ross Mackinnon saved 29 of 32 shots to come out with the win.

In honor of Military Appreciation Night, we salute you, brave netminders, for mixing it up after the final buzzer for our delight. And for furthering our theory that the chances for a goalie fight are exponentially increased when a team named the Flyers is playing.

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