Fearing Donald Fehr; do NHL owners want the lockout over? (Puck Headlines)

Greg Wyshynski

Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• If you're not following Nick Cotsonika's Russian adventures on Twitter, you're missing moments like this that could severely impact his marriage.

• Check out his story on Paul Maurice coaching in the KHL. It's a keeper. [Y!]

• There were a few people waiting for Alex Ovechkin's autograph today. And by "a few" we mean "well over a thousand." [Alex Ovetjkin]

• Nick Kypreos believes that there's a "silent majority" of NHL owners who don't want to continue the lockout with a suitable deal on the table: "Ask many NHL owners outside of this small circle and if they answer truthfully they'll tell you they know as much of what's going on as you or me. Some teams will also tell you a two- to three-year slope toward 50/50 split works just fine, and to potentially burn the whole village down in an effort to keep fighting for teams like Phoenix and Florida is just plain wrong. Like McCabe and Walker in 2004, many owners' frustration lies in not having their voice heard when it matters most." [Sportsnet]

• On the NHL vs. Donald Fehr, and anonymous source tells CSN Philly: "The league was up against rank amateurs last time," said one person intimately familiar with the inner workings of the NHL. This guy is the consummate pro. Cool Hand Luke. He has no tell. A great poker face. Has buy-in from the players. And rarely dabbles in rhetoric. If he does, there's a message and a purpose behind it. And the league has no idea what do with a guy like this." [CSN Philly]

• Jack Johnson's impassioned plea, posted on his official Columbus Blue Jackets' player page "I don't have until I am 60 or 70 years old to do this job. My window of opportunity to play professional hockey is limited. If I'm lucky, I can play until I'm 40. I have been training as a hockey player my entire life, and I know it is a privilege to play in the NHL. So each month, each week, and each game that is cancelled is an opportunity I will never get back." [JMFJ]

• Former NHLPA boss Paul Kelly thinks expansion should be on the table in the CBA talks: "If the NHLPA hasn't raised it as a potential part of the solution, then it ought to," Kelly said. "Maybe they've tried and had the door slammed in their face from what we're seeing, but it really makes a great deal of sense." [THN]

• Roberto Luongo on trade talk with the Vancouver Canucks: "Obviously, when the time comes and I do have to make a decision we'll make one with the best interests for myself, the team and all that kind of stuff. But for now I think my focus is just on being ready to play no matter where that is." [QMI]

• After the Staal trade, we can understand why Marty St. Louis would be so concerned about Hurricanes. [Lightning Strikes]

• Interesting stuff from Dobber on how NHL sophomores currently playing in the AHL might fair in their next NHL season. [THN]

• There's simply no way that the Ottawa Senators sponsor a PGA golfer if they don't make the playoffs last season. [CP]

• Backhand Shelf's guide to heckling, which we assume will be passed out to fans whenever Wayne Simmonds comes to town. Because they could really use some pointers. [BS]

• Congrats to Dan Ellis, your AHL player of the week. [AHL]

• Good stuff from Los Angeles Kings assistant coach Davis Payne on the power play: "I'm going to give these guys some rope and some trust to be the players that they are supposed to be and yet at the same time, always bring them back to that foundation because it's what you're going to rely on, it's what you will go to, it's what happens when a power-play gets called late in a game, in game six of a playoff series and that could be the one that determines it. It's kind of your go-to play, you know, Vince Lombardi's Green Bay Packers, everybody knew he was going to be running right or running left, you just had to stop it, so that becomes a mentality of a power-play. It's a great place to start." [LA Kings Insider]

• Interesting look at the CHLPA and its effect on college hockey: "To date, the CHLPA has been nothing more than a minor nuisance for the CHL leadership. But if it has any success, it could also become a major nuisance for college hockey. There has been an age-old split in college hockey ranks over whether it wants major junior players to be eligible for college hockey. There is no sign of that split being reconciled any time soon." [CHN]

• Finally, Ottawa Senators season ticket holders skate in their arena for Halloween. Doesn't look like anyone dressed as Paul MacLean's mustache.

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