Fan shows off Rangers pride, gets Henrik Lundqvist shaved into head (Photo)

Earlier this postseason, a New York Rangers fan decided he needed a haircut in a very specific way: A little off the sides and Chris Kreider shaved into the back.

As far as player-faces-shaved-into-head haircuts go, it was pretty cool.

Joe Barajas, otherwise known as “Joe the Barber,” is the man behind these unique haircuts. On Sunday, before Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Final between the Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning, he was at it again, this time using Henrik Lundqvist.

“It’s like getting a tattoo but it grows out and you go about your business," said Barajas, who owns a barber shop in San Antonio, to ABC News. "A lot of people love to express themselves with their hair."

There's only one Henrik Lundqvist, so this might be the closest one gets to trying to encapsulate the handsomeness of the Rangers netminder.

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