Edmonton Sun ad pushes for Daryl Katz to fire Kevin Lowe

Edmonton Sun ad pushes for Daryl Katz to fire Kevin Lowe

Many fans take to public forums to push for an ouster of various people in their favorite organization. Talk radio, message boards, article commenters etc.

But when a fan or fan group puts its money where its mouth is ... that's a little different. Behold the below screen grab from an ad by the "Kevin Lowe Must Go" Facebook group in the Edmonton Sun.

Photo credit via the Edmonton Sun's online edition. 
Photo credit via the Edmonton Sun's online edition. 

According to the Sun's website, a full page ad costs $5,680 dollars for a weekday. Wow, that's a lot of oil money -- or at least money that could be better spent on a vacation out of Edmonton. But if you got it, may as well spend it. It's not the first time fans have put in time and effort to asking the Oilers to fire Lowe, and not the first time this social media group has pushed for Lowe's ouster in a paid public setting.

The Facebook page itself has over 16,000 likes. You can also purchase merchandise from them, which includes bumper stickers and t-shirts. Get me one of those!

Short description on the page says:

Seeing how many likes we can get to create some publicity to get Kevin Lowe fired. No commitment or sales pitch, just like and share if you want Lowe gone

As the Oilers continue their "Forensic" investigation of the joke they have become, will this be included as evidence? Probably not. But props to this Facebook group for using its hard earned loonies to show its dislike, distaste and disdain for the current management group.

Sadly the advertisement misses part of the point. Bad management starts at the top -- with ownership. So if Katz does indeed fire Lowe, do you trust him to put the right guy in charge?

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