Eat frozen treats made from NHL arena ice during playoffs

NBC Universal via LA Weekly

What do NHL teams do with their home ice when the season is over? Well, most just flush the melted remains away. Others, like the Pittsburgh Penguins and Chicago Blackhawks, bottle it up and sell it for charity.

But what if you could actually taste the ice that your favorite team shed blood, sweat and tears on for an entire season?

OK, what if it were purified and flavored into a delicious summer treat?

That's NBC's plan this week as they head to Minnesota, Chicago, Los Angeles and Anaheim to hand out ice pops made with fresh fruit featuring the local team's colors using purified water and ice from the team's arena.

The ice pop truck has already been handing out treats this week in Minnesota and, LA and Anaheim. They'll continue to do so through Sunday in the four Western Conference cities still alive in the playoffs.

Here's the schedule from MultiChannel News:

Minnesota – 5/6, 5/9
Los Angeles – 5/8, 5/10
Anaheim – 5/8, 5/10
Chicago – 5/9, 5/11 

Before the playoffs, NBC had puckcakes delivered to various members of the media, like Wysh, after handing out cupcakes in 2013. 

After two years of treats, the next step for NBC is to start handing out Lil Jon chalices in the shape of the Stanley Cup, if only to wash down any leftover cupcakes.

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