During rout, frustrated Leafs fans start ‘Let’s Go Blue Jays’ chant (VIDEO)

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The crowds at Air Canada Centre in Toronto have been disgruntled for weeks, and rightfully so. The team hasn't won at home since Feb. 6 and the season has taken a wicked downward spiral since they were sitting pretty in playoff position in the Eastern Conference earlier this year. Leafs fans have quickly become more worried about ping pong balls than playoff seeding.

Those frustrations have been evident at ACC, and after chanting "Fire Wilson" and seeing that happen, they attempted chanting "Fire Burke", but it looks as if their general manager will stay. With the 2012 Major League Baseball season upon us and the city's baseball team slowly making becoming a team looking to challenge the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays in the American League East, baseball was on the mind of the Leafs fans last night during the 7-1 whooping by the Philadelphia Flyers:

Via the Globe and Mail, Phil Kessel was asked his thoughts on the negative fan reaction to the team of late.

"We're not playing well so what do you expect?" Kessel said. "I don't remember the last time we won a game in this building. It's a tough situation. It's going to have to come from this room; how to get out of this. We have four games left and we got to battle. We've got to win some games here."

There are only two games left this season at ACC and then a long summer awaits the team, the fans and GM Brian Burke. Changes are in order because the fans are already becoming numb to the lack of effort and losing on a nightly basis.

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