Depressing proposal reactions; Subban’s video resume; Michael Buble with the Sedins (Puck Headlines)

• An unemployed P.K. Subban puts together a video resume. He's good with computers.

• Bob McKenzie, downer: The NHL's proposal wasn't met with much enthusiasm from the players. [TSN]

• Brooks Orpik, downer: "There's a lot of little details. It doesn't look all that great to me. That second bullet point — HRR is the same as last year, but it's still subject to interpretation. So 50 percent of what? The other big thing is the [huge] contracts that were given out, especially that mad rush right before Sept. 15, they really had no intention of really paying all that money out. We heard yesterday that they were going to honor all the contracts, but when you look at it and read it, in one sentence, separated by a comma, the league is going go pay all current contracts that were deferred. It's just coming from future players' share. It's not coming from the league. It's players paying players." [Post Gazette]

• James Mirtle, downer: The NHL's proposal won't be accepted by the players because of stupid escrow. [The Globe & Mail]

• Hal Gill, downer: is dubious of the NHL's proposal as it appears online: "I just saw the whole proposal online. It looks kind of dummied down. I don't know if you read the old CBA, but you read through it and there's a lot in it and there's a lot of fine print. That was what the big concern is — going through it and looking at the finer points. You can say 50-50 in hockey-related revenue, but HRR is a big topic, and I know they've been discussing that a lot. The finer points of that are more what I think they're concerned about  with what they're looking into now." [Tennesseean]

• Elliotte Friedman, mild upper: with the NHL's offer yesterday, we've entered the Zone of Possible Agreement. It's like the Twilight Zone, but without a gremlin on the plane. [CBC]

• Among the men outed for being clients of the Zumba prostitution ring: a high school hockey coach. High school hockey coaches need love, y'all. [NECN]

• Bain Capital tried to buy the league in 2005. What would that have been like? [Deadspin]

• The roster for Kevin Bieksa's charity squad, Bieksa's Buddies, includes Michael Buble playing with the Sedins, the guy that played John Carter on Manny Malhotra's wing, and Dan Hamhuis on a defensive pairing with Jason Priestley. [PITB]

• Now is a good time to get to know the Asia Ice Hockey League, which sounds just fantastic: "There's drama: Will the hapless China Dragon, out of Shanghai, a team so bad it can't even afford a plural S on its name, ever win a game? (Think of the Dragon this way: they're sort of the Asian answer to the Toronto Maple Leaf.) In fairness, I think they won a game back in 2009. Plus, unlike most professional sports leagues, the AIHL is always changing the schedule, so just figuring out when the next game is can be thrilling!" [Rabble]

• Looking back at the 1974-75 Washington Capitals, when men wore the hair on their head and their face with way more panache. [Japers Rink]

• Dobber audits a guy's fantasy team and comes to the expert conclusion that he should get rid of Joe Corvo. [Dobber Hockey]

• "A Bracebridge hockey historian is scouring the community for anyone who may have the official paperwork behind a goaltender's remarkable two-goal game." If he can find it, the goalie will earn a place in the Hockey Hall of Fame, so someone help this guy out. [Cottage Country]

• Suitable alternatives to Gary Bettman, including Ryan Gosling and a sack of flour. [02L Sports]

• The KHL's website features kittens and yields untold joy. [Backhand Shelf]

• And finally, in case it wasn't clear that the Dallas Stars ice girls have only a tangential relation to hockey, they're just as effective during the lockout. They recently went to the lake.

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