Craig Peacock of the Belfast Giants gruesomely shows you what skate to face looks like (PHOTOS)

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Above is Craig Peacock of the Belfast Giants in more attractive times dancing to Mariah Carey and post-injury from over the weekend. You might remember the 24-year old forward from his featured role in their "All I Want For Christmas" viral video from 2010.

On Saturday, in a game against the Fife Flyers, Peacock scored the Giants' opening goal, but would later leave the game after taking a skate blade to his upper lip.

The result? Twenty-nine stitches after dumping Bobby Chaumont over the boards (long distance video at the 10:25 mark here).

Once he was stitched up Peacock let Giants fan know he was okay by Tweeting out the above "after" picture of his grisly injury. He then warned everyone who possess a weak stomach that he was going to show the "before" photo.

If you can handle it, check it out after the jump. It's quite NSFW.

Seriously, we're not kidding.



Not squeamish, are you?




OK, you asked for it.

Give your nose a hug real quick:


Even for the amount of blood, Peacock was surprised to see the damage telling the Daily Mail, "When I got back into the locker room I looked in the mirror and it was a bit of a shock to see the cut."

Because he's a hockey player, Peacock is expected to be back in the Giants' lineup for their next game on Friday when they host Paul Bissonnette and the Cardiff Devils.

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