Chicago's Navy Pier salutes Blackhawks on ferris wheel (Photo)

Josh Cooper
Photo via @navypier
Photo via @navypier

Behold the glory of the ferris wheel at Chicago’s Navy Pier. And what an awesome site it is … unless you’re a tourist who is from Tampa Bay and is a huge Lightning fan.

All the little boxes on the ride are Blackhawks players numbers and names! What a tribute! Of course the Patrick Sharp portion is the cleanest box. 

Here is a photo of the wheel, though not looking all Blackhawk-ish. 

The Navy Pier official Twitter account even got into it with the whole ‘One Goal’ type thing the Hawks use. This sort of makes up for the giant Brachiosaurus not wearing a Hawks jersey outside the Field Museum thing, though it does have a legit reason.

The Blackhawks team seemed to like what’s going on.

Yup, the whole city loves the Blackhawks. Shocking for a group going for its third Stanley Cup since 2010. 

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