Celebrate head injuries with the ‘Wakey Wakey Backes’ T-shirt

Backes shirt
Backes shirt

Duncan Keith of the Chicago Blackhawks could neither confirm nor deny that he said “Wakey Wakey, Backes, wakey wakey!” during Game 2 as St. Louis Blues captain David Backes struggled to get to his skates after a Brent Seabrook headshot.

That’s unfortunate, as a lack of ownership of those comments means anyone can profit from them … like this insidious industrious person that created the first “WAKEY WAKEY BACKES” T-shirt we’ve seen:

You too can celebrate apparent brain injuries for only $17! Available in red or … red.

Alas, the shirt usually ships in about 10 business days. The way things are going for the Blackhawks, you might get it in time to watch Backes playing the winner of Avs and Wild …

As instant-Chicago Blackhawks meme shirts go, we're still partial to "Suck My Q" this postseason.

s/t Matt Sebek


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