Canucks chasing Shane Doan; reconsidering Alex Semin; Stanley Cup in 3-D (Puck Headlines)

Here are your Puck Headlines: a glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• The Vancouver Canucks confirm Shane Doan talks. Laurence Gilman: "I spoke with him on July 1 to express our interest in bringing him to Vancouver and subsequently followed up with Shane last night. I know from my experience in Phoenix that he has been interested in Vancouver in the past. He's a western Canadian guy whose wife is from Kamloops. So I think there is interest there. I had productive discussions with both Shane and his agent." [Windsor Star]

• The Nashville Predators might be interested in Shane Doan. [Predatorial]

• Jamie Langenbrunner is back with the St. Louis Blues for one year at $1.25 million "with a very attainable $250,000 bonus." [SB Nation]

• Ryan Reaves made B.J. Crombeen obsolete in St. Louis, so the Blues traded him with a 2014 fifth-round draft pick to the Tampa Bay Lightning in exchange for a fourth-round pick in 2013 and a fourth-round pick in 2014. [STLToday]

• Busy times for the Bolts, as they also inked Teddy Purcell to a 3-year deal. [Raw Charge]

• Maksim Vasilyev with a strong piece on Alexander Semin: "It proves that Semin needs a strong creative center to be effective. I am not concerned with his work ethic nor his personality. Hockey players are hockey players with their own personalities, not some cancer filled parasites. The point being is that if Hudler can score 25 goals, I have no doubt in my mind that Semin would have had 35 playing on the line with Zetterberg and Filppula. No matter what most Washington fans will tell ya, what most pundits from Canada try to sell ya, and no matter how silly Don Cherry looks in his clown suits…Alex can score goals. Last time I checked you need those goals to win." []

• Another great Semin analysis by Jeff from Angus Certified, that uses a Bill Simmons column on Russell Westbrook and the 10 Percent Theory. [Angus; s/t to several of you]

• The Kichener Rangers vs. the Michigan Daily. This could get ugly. [USoH]

"A look at an inaccurate label Patrick Marleau has carried his entire career." Good stuff here. [Fear The Fin]

• The Stanley Cup is going to be in a 3-D movie for the Hockey Hall of Fame. Sadly, it will not be shot at a gentleman's club with Jeff Carter and Mike Richards. Which would be the best use of 3-D since "Avatar." [Medicine Hat News]

• How many NHL logos can you draw from memory? [Backhand Shelf]

• Jeff Halpern finds a home with the New York Rangers. [Capitals Insider]

• Why JJ Daigneault is the Rangers' biggest loss of the offseason. [NYR Blog]

• Newark Mayor Cory Booker's financial management with the New Jersey Devils is coming under fire in the NJ Assembly. [Star Ledger]

• The petitioners attempt to get the Phoenix Coyotes' arena lease deal on the ballot have fallen short before their deadline. Five for Howling's take: "In my estimation there aren't any more roadblocks on the City's end for the deal to go through, so now its up to Greg Jamison and the NHL to follow through on their end. I'm sure they know that the chances of Cobb and Jones getting the lease agreement on the ballot are pretty small at this point so there isn't really a need to sit back and wait." [Five For Howling]

• Cristobal Huet wants back into the NHL: "I still belong, I'm better than some other guys, and I'd like another shot." He turns 37 in September. [InGoal Magazine]

• A wildly inventive satire over the New York Islanders' arena issues in Nassau County. [Lighthouse Hockey]

• While Anaheim Ducks fans call for the head of GM Bob Murray, Jared Dobias comes to his defense. "This is his year to shine, and so long as the Samuelis allow him a little more leeway in terms of the internal cap they have imposed on him in seasons-past, and the team continues to build upon a dominant stable of prospects, Murray's work can really start to come to fruition. Changing the captain on a ship that is just starting to right itself under his watch might not be the best course of action to take. Let's see what Murray can do with his ship, now that Burke's breached hull has finally been fully repaired." [Ducks Daily]

• Sad news from Montreal, as their sports talk station looks like it's done. [Eyes On The Prize]

• Mikhail Grigorenko wants nothing more than to play for the Buffalo Sabres next season. [Buffalo News]

• Scott Burnside on a potential work stoppage: "Fans, for all their passion and willingness to forgive to pursue the game, can't be counted on to be so forgiving this time. Nor should they be." [ESPN]

• Greg Caggiano is a freelance writer who used to have a home on the Bleacher Report. Last night, he decided to execute a "social media experiment" in which he claimed a Rick Nash trade to the New York Rangers would be announced on Tuesday, claiming he had a source and claiming it involved an unlikely player. It was, of course, utter crap, and Caggiano revealed the ruse on his blog. Judge the ploy for yourselves. Congrats to Caggiano for finally proving Twitter is a cesspool for hasty reactions and acceptance of faulty sources. Because, you know, that needed a 100,000th validation. [Caggiano]

• Finally, for a few games last season, the Vancouver Canucks had special cameras in place to record the action frame-by-frame. Check out this Alex Edler goal captured at 300 frames per second.

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