Canadian university students create ‘Jennifer’ the hockey-playing robot

Look, we've watched all of the "Terminator" movies, so we've come to the point of acceptance that robots will soon dominate our planet and enslave us all.

Last June, University of Waterloo students created a two-handed robot that is capable of ripping a slap shot 110 mph (in your face Zdeno Chara). Now the Autonomous Agents Laboratory at the University of Manitoba have taken things one step further and created an autonomous humanoid robot that's capable of standing on ice and playing hockey.

We are so boned.

Jennifer, named after Canadian women's hockey star Jennifer Botterill, was created for this May's DARwIn-OP Humanoid Appliance Challenge in St. Paul, Minn.

Once our new robot overlords take over, we're really looking forward to the NHL Skills Competition with Jennifer performing in the puck control relay, and Chara and that robotic slap shot machine going head-to-head in the Hardest Shot competition.

Stick-tap to Greg H. for passing this along

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