Brad Marchand, Patrice Bergeron sing their hearts out for NHL 15 (Video)

Marketing anything related to the NHL is always difficult because (a) mining the players for some semblance of individuality requires a deep-sea drilling platform and (b) once you locate that personality, it’s frequently as vibrant as a vanilla-flavored rice cracker. 

So kudos to EA Sports for their new campaign featuring NHL players getting musical about their love of “NHL 15”, which hits stores next week. Because they found a couple of winners, and the results are hilarious. 

Here’s Brad Marchand getting his Bryan Adams on about how “NHL 15” got him all twisted up:

We can hardly believe … this is heaven.

Because it isn’t, unless heaven is actually musical hell. Although we did enjoy that throwback to our SEARS family portraits, when it looked like Brad Marchand was dreaming of Brad Marchand.

Ah, but just like he does with the Boston Bruins, EA Sports cover boy Patrice Bergeron is here to carry the day. Check out one of the NHL’s most complete players as he completely owns the stage during a beat poetry ode to a video game:

*snap snap snap snap snap*

If this campaign doesn’t end with Milan Lucic crooning some Tony Bennett, Tuukka Rask doing the Harry Styles parts of a One Direction cover or a Claude Julien polka, we’ll be sad. Like, "still playing NHL 2K9" sad.


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