Blackhawks' Scott Darling comes to aid of stranger in need

Blackhawks' Scott Darling comes to aid of stranger in need

Last week, while the Chicago Blackhawks were in Arizona during a four-game road trip, goaltender Scott Darling went out of his way to help someone in need.

Kane Van Gate, who describes himself as a “legendary beer league goalie” on his website, Tweeted out a story Sunday night passed on to him by an Uber driver.

Darling confirmed the story later that night and told Chris Hine of the Chicago Tribune, "I just started talking to him, was interested in his life, seemed like a good guy and just needed a helping hand. That’s how it happened.”

He added he has “a soft spot” for anyone in a tough situation like that. The 27-year old Darling got sober nearly five years ago while in the middle of a whirlwind career that has seen him play for 10 professional teams since being drafted in 2007.

"He seemed like a really nice person,” Darling said. “I'm in the position to help somebody like that. I'm happy to do it."

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