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  • Phil Kessel tussles with David Booth in practice skirmish (Video)

    Josh Cooper at Puck Daddy18 hrs ago

    Phil Kessel angry. Phil Kessel doesn’t like getting hit by David Booth in practice. KESSEL SMASH!

    Yes, Phil Kessel went from Bruce Banner to Hulk in a Maple Leafs practice Friday in the above video. He appeared to not like some sort of puck battle drill with Booth and the two came to blows.

    Tweeted the one and only Chris Johnston, who was on the scene for Sportsnet:

    There weren't any big punches thrown in the Kessel-Booth dustup, but tempers were running hot and #leafs teammates had to separate them.

    Let us dissect Kessel’s form, shall we? Notice the bear hug around Booth’s head. It seems as if Kessel has learned from his dust up with John Scott in which he tried to counter Scott by Kessel swinging his own stick. Boxing lessons perhaps for Kessel? Probably not. Scott is enormous and is a little more intimidating than the 6-foot, 212-pound Booth. Kessel is 6-foot and listed at 202 pounds, though he may pack a few more lbs officially. 

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  • Outdoor hockey in Happy Valley; cap growth dividing players; 7 more years of Jagr? (Puck Headlines)

    Jen Neale at Puck Daddy23 hrs ago

    Here are your Puck Headlines: A glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media. Have a link you want to submit? Email us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com.

    Jaromír Jagr and Paul Coffey after 25 years:))))))) pic.twitter.com/zgWADsVHy2

    • Paul Coffey and Jaromir Jagr reunite for a photo-op after 25 years. Coffey's flow back in the day was SICK, and that's saying something in comparison to Jagr. [Jaromir Jagr]

    • Jagr, meanwhile, thinks he can play seven (7!!) more years. We wouldn't put it past the 43-year old. [Sportsnet]

    • Dreger: Vegas owners confident in move towards NHL franchise. (It would be more concerning if they weren't.) [TSN]

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