Alex Ovechkin debuts in KHL, blows up Libor Pivko with hit (VIDEO)

Puck Daddy

As you're well aware if you read or watch any hockey media, Alex Ovechkin doesn't back-check.

Ah, but that's NHL Alex Ovechkin. This is KHL Alex Ovechkin. And KHL Alex Ovechkin, in his debut with Dynamo Moscow on Thursday, made a beeline to the neutral zone after a turnover by his team to send Libor Pivko of Dynamo Minsk on his rump-roast with a solid check.

Hey, it's no 'Devastation of Jagr' in the 2010 Olympics, but it brought the house down.

Today was also Evgeni Malkin' debut with Metallurg Magnitogorsk, which lost to Ufa, 4-3, in overtime. Here is Andrei Zubarev welcoming the Pittsburgh Penguins star to the KHL with a low bridge.

Malkin tweeted that he was greeted with a "full stadium." Ovechkin's Dynamo debut, meanwhile, drew 5,000 fans, far less than capacity.

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