The 99-cent broom: Perfect for that LA Kings’ potential sweep (PHOTO)

Los Angeles Kings blogger Brigitte Lynne passed this along on Wednesday afternoon before Game 4 against the New Jersey Devils. As hockey-centric advertisements for 99-cent stores go, it's the best we've ever seen:

Lynne, who runs One Girl, One Puck, said that it's an ad for the 99 Cents Only Store that ran in Wednesday's Los Angeles Times. It's entirely possible that the horrified look on the little Devil's face perfectly matches the look every New Jersey player has when they're given a power play this series.

We applaud this hockey-riffic short-term marketing. It's a great ad, if not the best ad of the playoffs. In fairness, it's hard to top a Jonathan Quick sex joke.

Broom-tap to The Royal Half.

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