The 20 greatest Guy Boucher faces, in honor of coach’s firing from Lightning (Photo Gallery)

What is Guy Boucher’s legacy with the Tampa Bay Lightning?

Is it that run to the Eastern Conference Final in 2010-11, the only playoff appearance for the Tampa Bay Lightning since 2007?

Is it that 1-3-1 system that Tampa used to run to perfection, to the point where the Philadelphia Flyers trolled them on national television by refusing to move the puck?

Is it managing to last as long as he did despite a general manager who is trying to ape the Detroit Red Wings’ “goaltending on the cheap” format without the benefit of Nicklas Lidstrom playing 25 minutes a night?

Is it the scar, whose origins Boucher has intentionally left undefined? Because chicks dig scars

No, Guy Boucher’s legacy is probably his face. As in the Guy Boucher Face. As in the Jim Carrey-esque rubbery mug that would scream, scowl, brood and mock from the Tampa Bay bench. That is, when his eyes were bugging out of his skull like Schwarzenegger on in the Martian atmosphere.

Seriously, is there another NHL coach that’s ever been penalized for making a “herp derp” face at the officials?

In honor of his dismissal, here are 20 of the greatest Guy Boucher faces. Hide the kids.

Thanks to Guy Boucher Face Tumblr for a few of these images. The rest are Getty Images, AP and local broadcast screen grabs.

Fare thee well, Guy Boucher, wherever your face ends up next.

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