Montreal elementary school cancels 'jersey day', fearing Bruins jerseys, controversy

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When the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins kicked off their Round 2 series, we knew that the temperature in the rivalry would rise to another level. The teams don't like one another, and through three games, that hatred has been all over the ice, the stands, and the press box.

It's now reached grade-school.

An elementary school in Montreal had planned to hold a Canadiens jersey day on Thursday to support the hometown Habs in their series against the Bruins. Harmless, right? Well, not for one parent, who happens to bleed black and gold and has raised his 11-year old daughter to share his beliefs.

On a previous jersey day, Tony Pasquale's daughter wore a Bobby Orr shirt to school and was told to remove it out of fear of inciting trouble. Now, fearing more trouble, the school has completely cancelled jersey day. From the CBC:

“She’s been a Boston Bruins fan all her life, so she kinda felt really bad. She felt kind of excluded from the school,” Pasquale told CBC News.

English Montreal School Board spokesman Mike Cohen said the school did the right thing by cancelling its jersey day.

“We don't think it's prudent for a student to wear a Boston Bruins jersey in a school during this very intensive playoff play,” Cohen said.

"At this stage in the game, with the Canadiens leading the series 2-1, why ignite things, why create a controversy," he added.

So to review: the Bruins-Canadiens rivalry is so intense that it's affecting elementary school jersey days. The poor girl can wear her Bruins gear any time of the year, except when they are playing the Habs out of fear that there will be an incident.

The school should at least allow Pasquale's daughter to wear Bruins stuff every day for the rest of the year if the Canadiens are eliminated. Why should Habs fans get to partake in all the fun during the series while this girl has to see Subban, Price and Gallagher jerseys every day?

For good measure, she should get to Lucic each member of the school board who agreed with this silly decision.

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