Video: Raider makes devastating hit on, uh … another Raider

Jay Busbee
Shutdown Corner

Announcers always tell kids to observe closely, to watch how the best in the game play the game. Kids, pay attention here: DO NOT HIT YOUR OWN TEAMMATES.

The situation: Oakland was receiving a punt against Atlanta. Raider return man Philip Adams was working his way up the sideline when he got leveled by Coye Francies ... who, unfortunately, happens to play on the same team as Adams. This was part of a day of futility for the Raiders, who let chance after chance to defeat Atlanta slip away. The Raiders out-penaltied the Falcons 12 to 2, totaling 110 penalty yards to Atlanta's 25, and lost two of two fumbles. Hung up by their own chains and black leather, the Raiders were.

[Also: Is this the wildest touchdown in NFL history?]

One other thing: this video really, really needs the goofy Benny Hill music to make it complete.

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