Tyrann Mathieu replies to Twitter comment about Josh Gordon with serious answer

Tyrann Mathieu replies to Twitter comment about Josh Gordon with serious answer
Tyrann Mathieu replies to Twitter comment about Josh Gordon with serious answer

If you're asking whether Josh Gordon might ever play in the NFL again, all you need to do is look to the very recent results of Tyrann Mathieu to know the answer. If Mathieu can turn his life around, then so can Gordon, one would think.

But as far as Mathieu serving as a chaperone for Gordon, that might not be in the cards. When someone suggested (seriously or not, we're not sure) on Twitter that Gordon should spend time with Mathieu to learn how to change his career path and get back on track, he suggested that it might not be a good thing.

What a mature answer. As much perspective as Mathieu might be able to provide for Gordon right now, he too is still healing — still victim to falling back into his old life at any minute. It's another sign that Mathieu realizes that he hasn't accomplished anything permanent yet.

Of course, that didn't stop Deion Sanders from laughing at Mathieu's response. Seriously.

Deion is the fool. Not sure what he thinks is funny about this, but then again I am not sure what Deion is saying/thinking/tweeting most of the time he speaks anyway. He might "pray all is well," but his completely clueless response makes him look like he has no real clue what Mathieu has gone and is continuing to go through.

It wasn't long ago, through 2012 and parts of 2013, that Mathieu was Gordon. Sure, their situations are different, and Gordon's problems really have come to a head in the NFL, not in college as it was with Mathieu. But there certainly is some common ground there. And Mathieu for now has done a commendable job of keeping on the straight and narrow, which maybe can give us hope that Gordon — whose career clearly is hanging in the balance — one day can too.

How bad is it? Cris Carter, a man whose career almost went off course, can relate. The Philadelphia Eagles did Carter a favor by cutting him amid all his personal demons, and it was that, Carter many times has said, which allowed him to thrive into a Hall of Fame receiver. Carter now believes that the Browns cutting Gordon might be the best thing for him.

“I feel for the kid,” Carter said on ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike (via PFT). “My situation was very, very similar. If I’m the Cleveland Browns — and it’s gut-wrenching for me to say this — I really think that the only thing that’s going to help the kid is if they release him.”

Too bad, though, that Sanders, a public figure who likes to act like a role model to kids, somehow thinks this all is hilarious. Is he truly that obtuse?

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