Jim Nantz gets the winner wrong after Patriots beat the Jets

After Stephen Gostkowski booted a 43-yard field goal with 11:02 left in overtime, and the New York Jets failed to respond on their subsequent drive, the New England Patriots appeared to have a hard-fought 29-26 victory in hand. At that point, both teams walked to the middle of the field to exchange the usual post-game congratulations and condolences.

In the booth, however, CBS analyst Jim Nantz didn't seem so sure. Nantz, who's generally one of the better announcers in any sport, seemed to have a particularly difficult time accepting the result.

As referee Jeff Triplette walked back to the field to confirm Mark Sanchez's fumble, Nantz said that the game "was going to be a stunner -- the biggest underdog of the day in the league."

Erm, what?

"And the New York Jets stand alone in first place now ... the New England Patriots, I should say," Nantz went on, eventually correcting himself. "At 4-3 -- what an amazing game here!"

So amazing that the result befuddled at least one expert.

As we said, we're just having a bit of fun at Nantz's expense -- we're aware of a few guys who can't always seem to remember where they are on gameday, and Nantz isn't usually one of them.

One point of interest, though -- on the Rob Ninkovich sack of Sanchez that caused the fumble and subsequent Pats recovery, it certainly looks as if Patriots linebacker Jermaine Cunningham went low on Sanchez, tackled him below the knees, and engaged long enough for an official familiar with that particular point of emphasis to throw a flag and extend the Jets' drive.

No matter. Perhaps Triplette was wondering how he'd get out of Foxboro alive if he'd made that call.

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