Side judge not looking when a Brady Quinn pass drills him in the head (VIDEO)

Side judge Jeff Lamberth seemed a bit preoccupied while doing his job on Sunday. Maybe he still has a lot of Christmas shopping to do. It's understandable. The holidays are coming up fast.

Either way, he seemed lost in his own little world when Chiefs quarterback Brady Quinn's errant pass nailed Lamberth right in the head.

Lamberth was watching the receiver and cornerback coming down the sideline for any possible penalties (although, we like the theory that he was worrying about which stocking stuffers to get for his family). Anyone in the vicinity of the field when Quinn is playing quarterback should assume that any pass might sail 5 yards over its intended target, but Lamberth was not looking when he took the pass right off the noggin.

Lamberth was able to laugh off the play, which had to hurt a bit. We assume he kept an eye out for errant throws the rest of the game.

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