Seattle’s Richard Sherman sends the Redskins into the offseason with a scuffle and a wave

There's nothing worse than losing a game that you know you could have won. Based on the early minutes of Sunday night's Seattle-Washington playoff, the Redskins could have won if RG3 hadn't slowly broken down to RG2, RG1 and RG0.5. So you can't really blame Washington for being a bit ticked off at how the evening ended out.

Then again, the scoreboard is the scoreboard. So when the Redskins' Trent Williams, apparently fed up with the yapping of Seattle's Richard Sherman, tried to get a little physical during the postgame handshakes, the Seahawks cornerback had the ultimate comeback. That bye-bye taunt is going to live in D.C. infamy forever.

(You may recall, of course, that the Redskins' Kedric Golston called Sherman a "cheater" just a few days ago. Perhaps that may have gotten under Sherman's skin a tad.)

Still, whatever bad blood may have boiled over between Sherman and Williams appears to have subsided. "Received a very classy text from @TrentW71," Sherman wrote on Twitter. "Great player! This is an emotional game no ill will either way. Have a great Pro Bowl! Well deserved."

So that's nice, the players getting along. The fans? They may not be so quick to forget. Oh, and guess what: Seattle visits Washington again later this year. How do you think that visit is going to go for Mr. Sherman?

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