Report: Jovan Belcher texted about shooting his girlfriend months before he killed her

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Disturbing new details about the Jovan Belcher-Kasandra Perkins murder-suicide: according to Kansas City police reports, Belcher texted another woman several months ago that he "would shoot" Perkins "if she didn't leave him alone." At the time, the woman thought Belcher was joking. The information was obtained by the Kansas City Star from the case file, which is now public record.

Belcher also texted the other woman that Perkins "knew exactly how to press his buttons and make him angry," according to the Star report, and that Perkins had "threatened to take all his money and his child if they split up."

Also in the report: Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel said Belcher had blamed Perkins for making him miss a team meeting a few weeks earlier. Crennel told the police he believed that the couple had "trust issues." And Belcher's mother told police that she moved into the house with the family because the two were having "relationship problems due to financial issues associated with Perkins' spending habits."

The report contains further details about the morning of Dec. 1, when Belcher shot and killed Perkins and then drove to Arrowhead Stadium. According to the report, Belcher first encountered Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli, and told him, "I'm sorry, Scott. I've done a bad thing to my girlfriend already. I want to talk with (linebackers coach Gary) Gibbs and Romeo."

Once the coaches arrived, Belcher never put down his Beretta .40-caliber handgun, only lowering it to chamber the fatal round. He walked away from them while Crennel raised both hands and pleaded for Belcher to stop, saying, "You're taking the easy way out." Belcher knelt behind a car, made the sign of the cross, and fired the bullet into the right side of his head.

Jackson County prosecutors ruled the case a murder-suicide, and formally closed the case last week. The complete case file runs to more than 60 pages of interviews, evidence and officer observations.

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