Quick snap: Vikings’ Ponder, ESPN’s Steele wed on Monday afternoon

So here's a bit of surprising news: Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder and ESPN reporter Samantha Steele have gone and gotten themselves hitched! Those crazy kids. Anyway, they were wed in a civil ceremony in St. Croix County Court in Hudson, Wis., late Monday afternoon.

Ponder confirmed in October that the two were dating, and just a couple weeks ago, he proposed to Steele in Christmas lights that said "Marry Me," along with a ring big enough to hold off a charging defensive end.

Naturally, speculation turned to why an NFL quarterback would decide to get married on an off day in Week 16 of the NFL season at a time when his team is still very much in the playoff hunt. Not our job here to traffic in such speculation, so we'll just note that Steele had a reply on Twitter:

"Twitter is so tricky. Who knew that 'she's pregnant' & 'they'll be divorced soon' are just the 2012 version of 'congrats'! Thx guys! :)"

THAT'S NOT A DENIAL, MRS. PONDER. Anyway, regardless of the reasons, congratulations to the happy couple. The wedding gift with barbecue stains on it is probably from Berman. And a honeymoon in ... well, anywhere south of Minnesota would be appropriate.

Also, as far as we know, there was no reception. Which, in this case, seems about right.