Ochocinco congratulates ‘pasty pilgrim’ Welker on $10,000 fine

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Wes Welker was fined $10,000 by the NFL this week for wearing an unauthorized hat during his postgame interview on Christmas Eve. His New England Patriots teammate Chad Ochocinco, himself no stranger to NFL fines, considered this a badge of honor.

The two had a late-afternoon conversation on Twitter regarding Welker's fine, which was for wearing a hat for Bonk Breaker, a company that makes gluten-free energy bars. The NFL bans players for wearing unlicensed apparel, hence the fine.

Ochocinco must be so proud. In the scenario I'm envisioning, he'll get together a big group of people to greet Welker at practice tomorrow with cigars, clapping and an offering of hugs, like when a young Henry Hill walks out of his first arraignment in "Goodfellas."

Surely he can do better than a Starbucks reward though. Earlier this year, Ochocinco offered to pay the fine of an opponent. Now his teammate gets docked 10 grand via Roger Goodell and all he can give is a double venti macchiato? That's an offer only Peter King could love.

Caffeine or not, Welker will get the thing that's most important: The respect of a man who legally changed his last name to Ochocinco. The man who wears No. 85 confirmed that in a later tweet, one in which he gave Welker a new nickname that's bound to not catch on:

It all may work out though. Welker said he's an investor in the company and with all the publicity surrounding this incident, that $10,000 may be more investment than fine.

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