John Elway’s faux pas describing Johnny Manziel is the funniest moment of the combine

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INDIANAPOLIS – There's really only one way you should not describe Johnny Manziel at the combine, with all the focus on his lack of height.

And general manager John Elway slipped up.

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"I think he's a great little player," Elway said.

Uh, oh. Immediately realizing that he used the exact wrong adjective, Elway backtracked as the media got a laugh.

"I don't say 'little,' I shouldn't say that," Elway said.

Once Elway got past the unintended description of Manziel, he talked about the Texas A&M in glowing terms. The Broncos aren't in the market for a quarterback and don't have the draft position to draft Manziel even if they wanted to, but it's easy to see Manziel being Elway's type of player.

"He's a guy that he's fun to watch on film," Elway said. "He's a great competitor, and I think that's what his strength is, the fact he's a great, great competitor. At that position, you have to have that. That's what makes him tick. Obviously he has tremendous talent, he can move around and still make all the throws. But I think his No. 1 quality is his competitive nature."

Elway also praised Drew Brees and Russell Wilson ("He's got everything except he's not 6-3, but he's got everything else," Elway said) when asked about shorter quarterbacks, so he clearly holds nothing against the vertically challenged.

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