Bills tight end has Lambeau Leap fail when fans don’t catch him (VIDEO)

Lee Smith hasn't had many moments to celebrate in his NFL career. He is a tight end for the Buffalo Bills who had seven catches in two seasons before Sunday.

So when he caught a touchdown Sunday, that was his time to shine. He turned to the fans in the end zone and got ready for his own Lambeau Leap. After all, he couldn't be sure he'd have this chance again.

And he had great form for someone who had never scored a home touchdown before. He cleared the wall easily. Here's the thing about a Lambeau Leap though -- the fans have to actually catch the player jumping into the stands.

Smith looked like a musician doing a stage dive and falling straight to the floor. Smith fell straight through to the seats when nobody caught him. His moment in the sun turned into one of the celebration bloopers of the season.

Hey Bills fans, we know Smith isn't a very well-known player. But, you might want to help him out a little bit next time.

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