Bills punter Brian Moorman is a bit freaked out by his wife’s new book

Buffalo Bills punter Brian Moorman has faced crazed special teams defenders for the last 11 years in the NFL, and he's made two Pro Bowls as a result of his expertise. He's not afraid of any geeked-up 290-pound reserve defensive end trying to take his head off on the way to block one of his punts -- nobody plays that long in the league without a different take on physical fear -- but there is something in Moorman's life that does have him a bit on edge. It's the book his wife, Amber, just completed and put on

Entitled The Survivor's Game, the book chronicles the events surrounding a man who has to deal with a range of emotions as the person who killed his first wife is released from prison on parole. I read the e-book excerpt, and though I'm not usually a fan of first-person novels, this one did hold my attention.

Moorman likes it too, but some of the language and subject matter surprised him. "Let's just say we don't speak that way around the house," Moorman recently told Tim Graham of the Buffalo News. "And, to be honest, the first time I read it I was, like, 'Whoa!' It scared me a little. I said 'I'm married to you?'"

Mrs. Moorman was nonplussed. The book was loosely based on events that occurred near her Kansas hometown, but all the characters are fictional. "It's a story that lived in my head and needed to be on paper."

The Amazon excerpt is definitely NSFW, but there's some pretty good dialogue and plot points going on. The book flips between two time perspectives, and that's never an easy way to hold a narrative (read David Peace's The Damned UTD if you want to see it done to perfection).

Amber Moorman, following the path of more and more writers, said that electronic publishing was the way to go for her and a book that took her five years to write.

"I think it's harder for somebody to find an agent in the literary world than it is to make it in the NFL," she said. "That's saying a lot. We used everything we could use, asking people who knew people. We didn't have much luck. So we decided to put it out there ourselves."

Once Brian Moorman got over the shock of the subject matter, he walked away from the first read with a new respect for his wife.

"I'm proud of her. She worked really hard on it. I've read it twice because it just blows me away. I didn't know she had it in her."

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