Yes, Michigan OL Taylor Lewan does ride around campus on a tandem bike

Michigan offensive tackle Taylor Lewan, who is 6-foot-8, 302 pounds, rides a tandem bike around campus.

Picture that in your head (or look above) and then let that set in for second.

It's awkward, right? Even more awkward with 6-6, 314-pound offensive lineman Graham Glasgow on the back.

Apparently, this isn't an odd sight in Ann Arbor. Lewan told MGoBlog that he often offers rides on his tandem and that he's never giving the bike up.

Do you ride around Ann Arbor on a tandem bike?

"I do. I ride a twosy bike. That's not leaving Ann Arbor. I'm keeping that twosy bike."

Is there ever someone on the back?

"Oh yeah. I give rides. I carpool. I ride with a couple guys. Drew Dileo's in the back of the thing all the time. You guys know Chris Brown from hockey. He's on there, too."

Is the weight distribution an issue?

"No. There's really no problem with that. Do you have any more football questions at all?"

It's a nice little bike. It's blue, of course, cruiser style with a rack on the back for storage. I wonder what looks funnier? Lewan alone on the bike or with a male passenger? It's probably a toss up. And is he wearing jorts and Keds? Wonder if he takes this thing out on dates? Has Brady Hoke taken the tandem out for a spin?

This is definitely not something you see every day. We've seen players on scooters and in expensive cars, but the tandem bike is a first and quite possibly a classic.

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H/T to and Eye on College Football

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