Syracuse went paintballing and things got intense (Video)

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Syracuse went paintballing and things got intense (Video)
Syracuse went paintballing and things got intense (Video)

To break up the monotony of preseason camp, a coach might give his team a break with some sort of team-building activity or team outing. Texas A&M went to the movies. Penn State went bowling.

Syracuse? They played paintball – and things got intense.

For the third straight year the team took the trip north to Fort Drum for a paintball tournament, and the final matchup pitted the seniors up against the coaching staff. The players came out on top.

Senior defensive lineman Robert Welsh made sure to light up defensive line coach Tim Daoust, who, per, “ran through a wooden barricade to collapse the hiding spot of a number of seniors.”

Like I said, things were intense.

“We just wanted to light the coaches up the best we could,” Welsh said. “To be honest, if we got hit we were going to stay in and keep shooting.”

When Daoust ran through the barricade, it was Welsh who eliminated his position coach.

“It felt good,” Welsh said. “We were jawing a bit before the game so when he ran over the barricade that I was under I knew it had to be him, so I got up and kept shooting. I think I emptied my paintball gun on coach Daoust so that was great.”

Welsh said that the paintball tournaments always help players with their leadership skills, which can carry over into the season.

The Orange’s season opens up at home against Villanova on August 29.

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