Syracuse QB Terrel Hunt ejected for punching opponent in the head (Video)

Syracuse QB Terrel Hunt ejected for punching opponent in the head (Video)

Syracuse QB Terrel Hunt was ejected from the Orange's game against Villanova in the second quarter for punching a Villanova player in the head.

Yes, it was a punch, and yes, it was on purpose. Here it is.

Hunt is clearly mad about the way he was tackled by Dillon Lucas and felt Lucas came in late on the play. However, it's no excuse to punch him. And that doesn't even take into account the fact that the umpire was right next to the play. It was an incredibly easy call.

It's a stupid mistake too. Hunt is a senior and was Syracuse's primary quarterback in 2013. It's bad enough when a freshman does something like this, but a senior leader? Hunt knows better, but he has to act like he knows better. He's the quarterback. Limit the dumb decisions to avoidable interceptions and self-inflicted sacks.

He wasn't the only player to get punchy Friday night, either. Bowling Green's Darrell Hunter smacked Western Kentucky's Tyler Higbee. Just like Hunt, Hunter committed his offense right in the vicinity of an official and he was immediately tossed from the game.

(GIF via SBNation)

Pro tip: Don't punch players, especially in the helmet. If you're going to resort to dirty tactics, do it where it hurts. Punching a player in the helmet seems like an exercise in futility and a recipe for a broken hand or finger.

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