Random offseason tweet of the day: Mike Gundy in an insane 'Posse' OSU shirt (Photo)

Random offseason tweet of the day: Mike Gundy in an insane 'Posse' OSU shirt (Photo)

Welcome to our Dr. Saturday feature titled "Random offseason tweet of the day." With real games still months away, coaches and players will be tweeting about non-football-related things as the season approaches. In this space, we'll try to find the funniest and goofiest tweets of the day. If you see something, don't hesitate to send it to us.

Who wants to wear "The Posse Shirt?"

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy modeled a, uh, bright OSU shirt now available at an Oklahoma City men's store. Without Gundy modeling it, do you think anyone would wear it? Heck, with Gundy modeling it will anyone wear it? Will Gundy ever wear it again? Check it out below:

Yes, that's a cowboy on a horse all over the shirt. It may work well for a Halloween party, but that's about it. Unfortunately, you can't buy it online, either. The store's website is just a revolving camera tour of the store and if you get dizzy easily, don't stare at it for a while.

We're now waiting for a picture of Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops in a crimson shirt with white Sooner Schooners all over it.

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