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Dr. Saturday

NIU’s celebration as it finds out it’s in the BCS is pretty awesome (VIDEO)

There are plenty of people who don't like Northern Illinois' inclusion in the BCS. ESPN spent a couple hours Sunday night telling us what a horror it was that NIU was playing in the Orange Bowl. Kirk Herbstreit went all Billy Packer on us and acted personally offended that a team outside the major conferences would dare get a spot over a school like Oklahoma, which will probably have a good chance to go to a BCS game next year, or the year after that.

And it's fine if you agree with all that. There's nothing criminal about thinking Oklahoma is better than NIU, that a team which lost to Iowa is undeserving or that the Huskies will get stomped by Florida State and ruin a bowl game (though, NIU certainly could change that perception by playing well).

But, at least respect what a great moment this is for Northern Illinois' players. The celebration video above should make you feel good about college sports -- and there's plenty to not feel so good about.

We see the Huskies players go crazy when they see they're officially 15th in the BCS standings, and therefore got a bid into a BCS bowl. That's fun. Those players played by the rules set forth by the BCS, went 12-1 and earned their spot in the Orange Bowl. Congratulations to them. It will not ruin the sport to have a Cinderella take a spot from one of the big boys. The NCAA men's basketball tournament wouldn't be as good if the Northern Illinois-type teams in that sport were always relegated to the NIT.

As for ESPN's coverage of NIU? Well, it's not going over too well in DeKalb (courtesy of @NWH_JeffArnold on Twitter):


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