Arizona State ‘A’ painted green, Oregon fans most likely culprit

Dr. Saturday

This is a pretty nice troll job by Oregon fans.

Or, rather, we expect this to be the work of Oregon fans. Who else would go through the trouble of painting the Arizona State "A" on Tempe Butte a bright shade of green?

Oregon plays at Arizona State Thursday night, and overnight the "A" on the butte, which overlooks Sun Devil Stadium, was painted green, according to, the site of the Fox affiliate in Portland. It had been painted black for the team's "blackout" game against the Ducks, and has been repainted black Thursday.

The letter on the butte is a landmark that goes back to 1918, when there was an "N" for the Tempe Normal School. ASU's site says that before the Arizona game every year, the Student Alumni Association coordinates the guarding of the "A" to make sure Arizona fans don't paint it.

Turns out Arizona fans aren't the only group that ASU should have been worrying about.

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