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Christian Watford’s 3-pointer to beat Kentucky as a Christmas lights display

There's no better example of the wonders of modern technology than the progression of Christmas lights.

We used to be satisfied putting up lights on our homes that were merely simple and silent. Then we learned how to synch them to holiday music or pop songs so they flash along with the beat. And now, one Fort Wayne family has taken the inevitable next step and hooked up their lights to last season's most memorable Indiana basketball highlight.

Yes, that's Christian Watford's 3-pointer to beat Kentucky at the buzzer last December in Christmas lights form. It starts with the Indiana fight song, it goes quiet for a couple of seconds and then it leads right into the radio play-by-play of the shot that signaled the Hoosiers' return to national relevancy.

That's a pretty original way of supporting your favorite basketball team, no? A-plus for the idea, B-plus for the execution.

The only question is how long the neighbors put up with it. If they're fellow Hoosiers fans, they'll probably be tolerant. If there's a Kentucky fan or two on the block, that display might not last another three days without getting ripped down.

(Thanks, Inside the Hall)

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