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The Utah Jazz are offering logo-burning waffle irons to season ticket holders

Gordon Hayward and Al Jefferson celebrate the existence of waffles (Streeter Lecka/ Getty).

In the last few years, it has become standard practice for NBA franchises to bestow gifts upon their season ticket holders. The era of one-to-one transactions of money for tickets is long gone. Teams now show their appreciation with keepsakes, doodads, and whatsits, small tokens of gratitude for people who spend their hard-earned money to support a team that's usually not a title contender.

Typically, these items are pretty unimpressive: a miniature basketball, a bag, a thermos, a mousepad, etc. The Utah Jazz, though, have gone above and beyond expectations with their latest gift. From the team's official statement (via The Salt Lake Tribune's Jazz blog):

We are recognizing and thanking our current season ticket holders by offering them an exclusive Utah Jazz waffle iron. The gift is available to season ticket holders only and will be distributed Saturday, Feb. 23 from 1 a.m.-1 p.m. in the Fan Relations office at ESA. For those unable to attend, the gift will be held in their name for later pickup. The organization has provided annual thank-you gifts to season tickets holders, including autographed jerseys, framed photos and other collectibles in past years. The waffle iron that makes an imprint of the Utah Jazz logo is a unique and creative gift and encourages our fans to "have breakfast and start their day with us."

The fine folks behind @Utah_JazzNation scored an image of the waffle iron, and it's a beauty:

The Jazz change the breakfast world forever (via @Utah_JazzNation).

I cannot support this idea enough. If I had my druthers, I would eat breakfast for every meal, and waffles would be a big part of that experience. With this waffle iron, Jazz fans can now infuse their days with basketball, bringing the joy of players like Gordon Hayward and Al Jefferson to their morning routine. It's an experience none should pass up.

It bears mentioning that the NBA has ventured in the world of logo-burning breakfast appliances before with top-loading toasters that char an image into the center of a piece of bread. Unfortunately, top-loading toasters are perhaps the most useless kitchen appliances. (A friend who's a Warriors season ticket holder claims that he was once given a logo branding iron to be used specifically for hamburgers, but I think he is lying to me, because that product can't be real.)

We can only hope that the Jazz's decision to embrace breakfast products catches on. Honestly, I'm a little surprised that the Memphis Grizzlies haven't packaged their own brand of hominy. Grits and Grind!

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