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Kevin Love passes off of his teammate’s back purposely to keep a play alive (VIDEO)

As we mentioned during the post about Steve Nash's new nickname, you'll forgive us our trespasses as we ignored certain chunks of the NBA day-to-day scrum during what technically isn't a long Thanksgiving weekend. This particular brand of awesome took place on Saturday night, at a time when we were watching Notre Dame finish an undefeated regular season since the last time Tony Rice was leading the Irish with world-class poise and improvisational skills.

Two things Minnesota All-Star Kevin Love is not in short supply of. Even if he does have to take a teammate down along the way.

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In the third quarter of Saturday night's Minnesota Timberwolves/Golden State Warriors tilt, Love found himself caught in the air and with a whole lot of teammates surrounding him with heads turned. Instead of chucking a shot, firing a pass in hopes that someone would turn around, or tossing it off the backboard Kobe Bryant-style, Love tossed the ball off of teammate Greg Steimsma's back. The ball, now legally cleared, bounced back into Love's hands as he then used those same impressive skills to bait Warriors forward Carl Landry into a foul. Watch:

To Landry's credit — and he's rarely credited as a good defender — he played Love passably on the initial attempt, and Love clearly jumped into Landry's airspace on his way toward the foul. It's true that Carl misstepped in attempting to block a long jumper (um … twice in one possession), but technically that should have been an offensive foul.

Scientifically, as Wolves analyst Jim Petersen pointed out, this "was one of the funniest plays you will ever see." There are dozens of instances of players bouncing the ball off of an opponent to keep a possession alive, as Dan Devine noted earlier this month when a former UCLA teammate of Love's in Russell Westbrook pulled that trick against Detroit's Brandon Knight, but we're having a hard time recalling a player using a teammate like that before.

Perhaps you can fill us in down at the comments section. While our back is turned as we gather for an offensive rebound, preferably.

HT to Ananth Pandian.

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