Jeremy Lin’s old friends on the point guard’s NBA fame: ‘You’ve changed, bro’ (Video)

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At first, I was like, "Wow, that new Jeremy Lin documentary seems oddly hyper-specific — I get that 'how stardom changes a man' is a big narrative arc, but this is a little too focused." Only after I saw Lin use his left hand to drive on James Harden did I know it was a joke/work of comedic fiction. That's the truest sign of a solid bit, right there.

Lin plays the straight man pretty well throughout the clip, letting his pals' goofs shine — a point guard, through and through — and the production does a nice job of winking its way through the sort of sellout accusations that come with moving from the end of the bench to a guaranteed multimillion-dollar contract to be the starting lead guard on a playoff team. But it really shines in the blooper reel, where Lin's wheatgrass-shot spit-take is bested only by Steve Nash's delivery on, "You better check your boy." Now I'd like Lin to take Blake Griffin's Kia time machine back to 2008 and see him work on bits with Nash and Boom Dizzle. Feels like they could come up with some good stuff, especially if Jeremy's mom comes along, spatula in tow.

Video via Lin's YouTube channel. Hat-tip to r/NBA.

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