Avery Johnson’s son, on Twitter, following his father’s firing: ‘Sorry [our] best players couldn’t make open shots’

Ball Don't Lie

Avery Johnson Jr. is the son of former Brooklyn Nets coach Avery Johnson, and a sophomore in high school. All things considering, based on some of the more ribald responses we’ve seen from people on Twitter to events far less substantial than a father being very publicly fired from a high profile job, we think Avery’s reaction on his Twitter account was pretty composed.

For a teenager home on holiday break, it could be much worse. From his account:

Avery Johnson Jr.’s initial tweet, following the news, didn’t technically involve a rude word; but to protect some sensibilities we’ll censor parts out as we quote his frustrations:

This is a f***ing Outrage. My dad is a great coach, he just got coach of the month and they Fire him. #Smh. Completely new team he had.

Johnson’s father was let go by the Nets earlier on Thursday following a 14-14 start to the season, and a recent swoon that made Avery Johnson Sr.’s Coach of the Month award in November seem like it was handed out ages ago. It says quite a bit about the NBA that, some three and a half weeks after he was given that award, Johnson’s firing seems almost overdue. That’s how fast things can move in this league, though.

As it is on the internet, in 140 characters or less, we suppose. Hang in there, Johnson Family. You’ve quite a bit to be proud of in your father.

UPDATE: Via the brilliant Tom Scharpling of 'The Best Show' on WFMU check out this tweet from the suspected source of all the Johnson's frustrations, Deron Williams:

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