Drag car wreck at Bristol takes out fortunately unattended camera

We complain about robots taking over the world, but there are times when we'd like to leave some of the dirty jobs to our mechanical brethren. Like filming a drag race from right next to a track, for instance. Considering what could happen if things go off-kilter, how about you handle that one, WALL-E?

The above car belongs to Lizzy Musi, who, as you can see from the photo at right, is not your typical drag racer. Musi, the daughter of well-known NHRA/IHRA championship driver Pat Musi, got loose at Bristol Dragway and, as you can see from the video, took out a camera in the process.

Musi, a 21-year-old driver in her first year of racing, was running at the 2012 ADRL Spring Drags III at Bristol, and the wreck happened in a qualifying session. Aside from, you know, that wreck, she's done well so far; she hit 170 mph and cleared a 1/8-mile run in 4.34 seconds on Friday. And thankfully, she walked away from this wreck under her own power. She'll race again another day.

[Hat tip to Jalopnik and Tri-Cities.com]

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