Dale Earnhardt Jr. vs. Batmobile. Who ya got?

OK, be forewarned: this is basically a big ad for Mountain Dew and the new Batman flick. We all good with that? Fine, let's roll. Dale Earnahrdt Jr. and the iconic "tumbler" from "The Dark Knight Rises" (they don't call it a Batmobile, but we know that's what it is) took to Michigan International Speedway for some hot laps. And while Junior's car clearly had the speed edge, the Batmobile likely would have put the 88 into the wall with little trouble had Batman (or whoever was driving the thing) been so inclined.

Alas, Junior's car doesn't appear in this movie the way it did in last summer's Transformers 3. Too bad; would have liked to see how Junior Nation would fare against Bane's army of creepy acolytes.

"The Dark Knight Rises" hits theaters July 20. Mountain Dew is on sale now. And Dale Earnhardt Jr. is hoping desperately to win his first race since 2008 this weekend.

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