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Cat, or maybe squirrel, runs out on Atlanta track in front of Kevin Harvick

Jay Busbee
From The Marbles

HAMPTON, Ga. - Strange things happen when NASCAR goes under the lights. Sunday night at Atlanta, something, either a cat or a squirrel or a mixture of both, darted across the track right in front of race leader Kevin Harvick.

Here you go, decide for yourself:

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Watch out for the squirrelcat.

Watch out for the squirrelcat.

Was that a cat? A squirrel? Or some kind of nefarious combination of both? Harvick thought it was a cat, but NASCAR.com offered this photograph:

NASCAR has a history of animals making their way onto the track, though it's mostly in Pocono; there, everything from deer to bears to chickens have wandered onto the concrete.

Shortly after seeing the squirrel/cat, Harvick surrendered what had been a dominant lead, and began having problems under the hood. Coincidence? We think not.

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