Report: Frank Trigg out at HD Net because of abuse and affair

Maggie Hendricks

Former UFC fighter Frank Trigg was a popular commentator for several MMA promotions on HDNet, so his absence from their broadcasts was surprising. The gossip website "The Dirty" reports his dismissal was not for business reasons.

MMA fighter Frank Trigg choked out his wife in front of his children on October 17th, 2011. They are now going through a VERY messy divorce and the children who saw the carnage are right in the middle of it. He no longer is employed at HDnet because he was sleeping with a co-worker, assistant producer, 23 year old Amy Vaughn. The company does not approve of the affair and abuse that they were made aware of soon after the incident and have chosen not to utilize his services as a commentator anymore.

HDNet did not respond to requests for comment. Trigg said he does not comment on personal business.

Trigg was 21-9 as a fighter and had a memorable loss to Matt Hughes. He fought in the UFC, Pride, Rumble on the Rock and BAMMA.

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