Conor McGregor promises 1st round KO over Dustin Poirier

Elias Cepeda
Conor McGregor is all talk, according to Jose Aldo. (Getty Images)

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Conor McGregor is all talk, according to Jose Aldo. (Getty Images)

After all of the animosity between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier while promoting UFC 178 this week, it was refreshing to hear Conor McGregor say nice things about his opponent on that same card, Dustin Poirier."Don't get me wrong, I like the kid," McGregor said Tuesday during a media Q & A.

And...that's pretty much where the genuine-sounding nice stuff from McGregor ended. Louisiana's Poirier may be the more accomplished and established UFC featherweight, but the rising Irish star is clearly looking down at and past the American Top Team fighter.

"He's a quiet little hillbilly. I have nothing against the guy. I'm sure he grew up in a circus or a fair, he's a nice little kid. His cousin's probably named Cletus or something," McGregor mocked.

Poirier is a top-ten 145 pounder and has won three straight botus but "Notorious" questioned whether or not the 25 year-old still has his durability."All you gotta do is look at his last couple of fights," McGregor said.

"The last contest he had, he fought a TUF reject and nobody gives a s-- about him. His chin is deteriorating. Every single contest he gets into, he gets hit, and he gets to one knee. A gust of wind hits him, and he does the chicken dance. Against me, I'm going to crack him with a jab and he's going to wobble and I'm going to put him away. It's going to be a first-round KO, mark my words."

Do you think McGregor can step-up and beat Poirier at UFC 178? Or, do you think it's too far a reach at this point in his career?

Let us know in the comments section!

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