• Cheick Kongo made his UFC debut in 2006 and the heavyweight built a solid record against the world’s best for seven years. Then, in 2013, he turned down a new contract offer from the UFC and walked away, eventually signing with Bellator.

    Kongo’s friend and training partner Quinton “Rampage” Jackson did something similar and now the two both fight for the UFC’s main rival promotion. “Rampage” was very vocal about his unhappiness with the UFC, for some time, leading up to his last UFC fight in January, 2013 against Glover Teixeira.

    Kongo, on the other hand, did not make a big, public stink, so many fans have been left wondering why the Parisian walked away from the big leagues on his own volition. Cagewriter visited with Kongo this past Wednesday as he looked towards a Bellator heavyweight title fight tonight against champion Vitaly Minakov.

    The big man was calm, measured and clear but did not mince words in explaining why he decided to leave the UFC. “I want to be treated right,” he

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  • (

    As far as fight-game celebrities go, UFC president Dana White is pretty high up on the list. White makes the day of many mixed martial arts fans when he responds to one of their tweets on Twitter, even if he insults them, as he often tends to do.

    White has become so popular in part for his willingness to engage his fan base.

    But on Thursday, White received a tweet from a very unique fan. Muhammad Ali, the man forever known as "The Greatest" and one of the most significant sports figures in history, sent a tweet to the UFC president.

    Ali was a three-time heavyweight boxing champion, but he sent a picture of him in his fight with pro wrestler Antonio Inoki and wrote, "What do you think @DanaWhite? Muhammad Ali -- the original #MMA fighter."

    In texts to Yahoo Sports about Ali's tweet, White wrote, "AMAZING!" and "I'm losin it!"

    It's not every day one gets noticed by a legend, and this time White had his day made by someone tweeting to him.

    White responded with a tweet of his own: "U sir

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  • Former NCAA Division I football player and WWE professional wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a helluva athlete. He also knows former NCAA Division I wrestling champ, UFC heavyweight champ and WWE star Brock Lesnar better than most.

    To promote the release of all of Brock Lesnar's UFC fights on UFC Fight Pass, the promotion interviewed "The Rock" about his fellow pro wrestler and the movie star had rave reviews (video below). According to Johnson, no one will ever accomplish what Lesnar did in the UFC's heavyweight division, as fast as he did.

    In 2007, Lesnar had fought just once, but still signed with the UFC. In his first match, Lesnar was thrown to the wolves and matched up against former UFC heavyweight champ Frank Mir.

    Lesnar lost to Mir but then went on a tear, winning four straight fights, including a rematch against Mir and a UFC title bout against legend Randy Couture. Lesnar then repeatedly got sick and nearly died from diverticulitis complications.

    Lesnar lost his title

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  • Anderson Silva may be training to be a police officer, but what if fellow MMA greats and rivals Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz already were cops and partners, patrolling the streets? Oh, you never before considered that ridiculous scenario?

    Well, MMA cartoon satirist extrodinaire Pouya Rebek did and the below video short is the product of that goofy dream. St. Pierre and Diaz, both in a quad car, argue over their secret MMA crush before spotting a suspicious and familiar UFC big man.

    Find out who Diaz and GSP arrest, why and check out Diaz' self-serving version of the Miranda rights.

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    Robbie Lawler came as close as you can to winning UFC gold without actually capturing a belt when he lost a close decision after going to Johny Hendricks after a war last month at UFC 171. It might appear to have been a crushing loss to the welterweight but Lawler insists that he isn't down on himself.

    “I’m not dwelling on the loss at all,” Lawler told MMAjunkie in a recent interview.

    “It comes down to getting better, working on my skills and pushing myself to get better. That’s about it."

    It might help that Lawler already has another challenge to focus himself on - a fight against Jake Ellenberger May 24 at UFC 173 in Las Vegas. 

    “The opportunity arose where I could get a fight. I’m making the most of it. I’m back in the gym and working out, getting my body ready," he said. 

    Lawler and Hendricks both took ungodly amounts of punishment throughout their five-round title fight in March but that didn't stop Lawler from rushing into another fight on short notice. Nor did it stop him from

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  • Not even a leave of absence from MMA could keep Georges St. Pierre safe as the former champ recently tore his left ACL. On Wednesday night's UFC Tonight program, it was reported that the French Canadian will undergo surgery next week in Los Angeles.

    Dr. Neal ElAttrache, a high-profile surgeon who has also worked on Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant and who repaired St. Pierre's right ACL several years back, will perform the surgery on GSP. The last time St. Pierre suffered an ACL tear, he was out of action for over a year and a half.

    No one but St. Pierre knows if he planned to return to MMA competition one day but, if he does, this will surely slow down that come back. We wish "Rush" all the best as he prepares for surgery.

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  •  Light heavyweight Phil Davis is scheduled to fight Anthony Johnson this month at UFC 172. Division champ Jon Jones is set to take on Glover Texeira in that event's main event. 

    Sounds simple, right? Well, not to Phil Davis.

    "Mr. Wonderful" recently took a swipe at Jones during an interview with MMA Junkie. According to the former Division I wrestling national champion, there's a chance that Jones will pull out of his fight with Texeira.

    “He may not fight at UFC 172,” Davis said wryly.

    “It’s not too late for him to back out of this one. It’s happened before.”

    Well, not exactly. Jones vs. Teixeira was indeed a difficult fight to put together and finalize a date for, but Jones refuted White's initial claim that he "pulled out" of the original UFC 170 date with Teixeira. "Bones" is also one of the most active top fighters in recent UFC history and, other than wanting to avoid an immediate rematch with Alexander Gustafsson, he hasn't backed down from many, if any, fights. 

    “I’m ready for a

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  • Former boxing champion Ana Julaton will make her MMA debut on May 2 for One FC (Courtesy photo)Ana Julaton, the former super bantamweight boxing world champion, will become a two-sport athlete on May 2 when she makes her mixed martial arts debut on a One Fighting Championship card in Manila.

    Trying MMA is no lark for Julaton, a San Francisco native who lives in Las Vegas. She's considered MMA for a long time and finally decided to give it a try. She is of Filipino descent and said she "is beyond thrilled" to be fighting in the Philippines in her One FC debut.

    Julaton becomes the second significant female boxer to try MMA in recent years, following Holly Holm. She isn't going to give up her boxing career and plans to box on May 29. Her hope is the May 29 bout is for a world title.

    Julaton, who has held both the WBO and the IBA women's super bantamweight title during her boxing career, has trained in the traditional martial arts since she was 10 years old. She has black belts in Tae Kwon Do and Kenpo Karate.

    "I have the background in martial arts and I've always had an interest in

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  • After TUF winner Julianna Pena blew her leg out during a gym workout earlier this year, UFC president Dana White got on twitter and blasted her teammates and gym for letting it happen. According to White, Pena was picked on and virtually attacked by a male teammate, contributing to her serious leg injury.

    White said he heard the story from Pena and the promoter was irate since it appeared that Pena may have to miss up to two years of action because of the injury.

    Pena's coaches and teammates came out and publicy denied that such a scenario was plausible but we didn't hear much if anything at all from Pena herself. That changed when Pena was interviewed on the Jason Ellis show recently and explained what happened (audio below).

    "I don't think I accidentally explained it incorrectly to [Dana White] - I think

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  • Many fans were left scratching their heads as to why former UFC lightweight champion Frankie accepted a third fight against fellow former title-holder BJ Penn after having defeated "The Prodigy" twice before. "The Answer" explained why he decided to coach opposite Penn and then fight him this July 6 for a third time in a recent interview with USA Today.

    “The whole package made me interested,” Edgar said.

    “If you look at past coaches, they are big names in the UFC, so I think it was the best next step for me. In order to do that, I had to fight BJ  again.”

    Edgar is also savvy enough to understand that, though Penn is well past his prime, the former two-division champion has a name that will always carry weight with it. Racking up wins against those guys is never a bad thing.

    “He’s still got an aura about him,” Edgar said of Penn.

    “He’s a legend and probably one of the best lightweights that has ever fought in MMA. A win over him, if I can make it convincing, does a lot to help me in the

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