• The first two rounds of UFC 171's main event between Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler were razor-close (Judge Douglas Crosby's incomprehensible scoring of round two as 10-8 one for Hendricks, notwithstanding) and rounds three and four were clear rounds for Lawler based on power striking. Round five looked to be a continuation of the prior two until Hendricks rocked Lawler and took him down late in the fight, stealing the final period.

    During the post-event press conference, Lawler was clearly saddened by the loss but didn't place the blame on anyone but himself. "The thing is, when you leave it up to the judges, those things happen," he said.

    "I just didn't do enough tonight, they thought. I need to go back to work, obviously. Work on some things. Work on throwing a little bit, maybe, some more punches. I thought I fought a good fight, defended some take downs. It was a hell of a fight. He brought it, he was in shape, and he got the victory."

    Lawler said that, in hindsight, he should

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  • Nick Diaz showed up in Dallas this weekend to taunt Johny Hendricks as he struggled to make weight (hilarious vine vid below) Friday and then again to hold court Saturday night after UFC 171 with reporters. Much of what Diaz said in an impromtu scrum late Saturday night was characteristically vague and cryptic but he was clear on one point.

    "I'm ready to fight," the serially retired Diaz said.

    Diaz has not fought since losing a lop-sided decision to Georges St. Pierre in March, 2013. He recently reportedly turned down a rematch with Carlos Condit.

    Now, the Stockton trouble maker is ready to step back into the Octagon. And, despite not having fought in so long, Diaz says that the past year has included plenty of quality training.

    "I've had pretty good training this year, regardless of no fights, no camps. I've jumped in and out of camps," Diaz said.

    Who do you want to see Diaz fight next? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • Tyron Woodley stopped Carlos Condit in the second round of their title eliminator's fight tonight in the second round of their UFC 171 co-main event. The stoppage occurred after Woodley managed to injure the former WEC champion's right knee with a take down and kick.

    A double leg take down from Woodley in the second twisted Condit's right knee in an awkward way and the fighter out of Albuquerque yelled out and grimmaced in pain. Condit fought on, however, until a leg kick from Woodley to "The Natural Born Killer's" left leg, spun him around and made his right knee buckle once more.

    Condit fell to the floor, his back to Woodley, and held onto his right leg while yelling out in pain once more. The referee stepped in to stop the fight at that point.

    Well before the fight ended with the unfortunate injury, Woodley was landing huge power punches on Condit time and again. For his part, Condit, weathered the storm and appeared to be fresh heading into the second round.

    "He's a really tough

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  • Jake Shields felt he was being overlooked as a welterweight contender heading into tonight's UFC 171 event by being booked against former Bellator champion Hector Lombard. Instead, Lombard proved that he himself can hang with the division's elite by battering Shields for three rounds en route to a unanimous decision win.

    Lombard landed big punches on the feet, tossed Shields to the ground at will throughout the bout and defended all of Shields' take down attempts. Yet, whenever Lombard appeared on the cusp of putting Shields away on the ground, the Cuban Judoka took his foot off the gas and chose to settle into Shields' guard instead of unloading with punches.

    As a result, Lombard managed to both prove that his skills place him in the welterweight division's upper crest and show that, unlike many others near the top, he is either unwilling or unable to fight for every minute of every fight. Be that as it may, Lombard now owns a win over a top welterweight contender and will likely be

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  • How clutch was Pat Curran's last-second submission over Daniel Straus Friday night in their Bellator featherweight title bout? Quite, according to the judges' scorecards heading into the fifth and final round.

    Bellator PR man Anthony Mazzuca tweeted a photo of the three judges' scorecards last night. One judge had the fight even going into the fifth, another had it three rounds to one for Curran and another three rounds to one for Straus.

    Given that Straus was doing well in the fifth round up until the last minute and a half of the stanza, it is entirely possible that if Curran hadn't managed to pull off that rear naked choke, he would have lost to Straus again. Siz months ago, Curran was controlled by Straus and lost his featherweight title via decision.

    The two had previously fought in 2009, with Curran taking that win. Now, Curran has the Bellator title back and a 2-1 edge over his rival.

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  • UFC welterweight contender Johny Hendricks reportedly walks around in between fights near 220 pounds (fifty pounds over the 170 pound welterweight limit) but that's alright because he has a personal nutrition/weight coach and a really, really expensive scale that he carries around with him. Well, maybe not.

    Despite those pricey assets, Hendricks struggled to make weight Friday for his UFC 171 title fight against Robbie Lawler in Dallas tonight. Hendricks initially missed weight by 1.5 pounds, weighing in at 171.5 pounds, before hitting the mark an hour and a half later.

    Hendricks' nutrition coach, former UFC fighter Mike Dolce, explained the problems that went down leading up to weigh-ins for Hendricks to MMA Junkie.

    According to nutrition guru Mike Dolce, Johny Hendricks carries around a $1,500 scale that’s calibrated on fight week to exactly match a UFC scale used to keep fighters on weight. Dolce believes that spendy item went a little haywire the night prior to and day of

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  • We already knew that UFC president Dana White would love to have former Strikeforce champion Gina Carano fight for the UFC if she were to return to MMA competition for the first time since 2009. Now, we also know that women's bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey is more than willing to take Carano on.

    Rumors have flown since UFC commentator Joe Rogan said that big news was going to soon be announced in women's UFC action. Many fans are wondering if that big news could end up being Carano's return to fighting.

    Back when she fought, Carano often had trouble making 140 and 145 pounds so it would be unlikely that she could successfully come down to 135 pounds to challenge Rousey for her belt. However, the "Rowdy" made clear to reporters this week that she'd be willing to move up in weight to make a Rousey vs. Carano super fight reality.

    “For Gina, there would be exceptions that I would make for Gina that I wouldn’t for anyone else,” Rousey said.

    "To fight her would be a real honor. It would be

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  • Johny Hendricks weighed 171.5, 1.5 pounds over the welterweight title limit (Getty Images)

    DALLAS -- About 90 minutes after he shocked himself, UFC officials and a large crowd gathered at Gilley's by coming in heavy, Johny Hendricks made the welterweight limit of 170 pounds on the button. That guarantees that his title fight at UFC 171 with Robbie Lawler is good to go.

    Hendricks appeared stunned when Greg Alvarez of the combative sports division of the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation called his weight at 171.5.

    "Yeah, it was [a surprise]," Hendricks told UFC broadcaster Joe Rogan after he stepped off the scale. "We'll see what happens."

    Hendricks went back to his hotel to work out in an attempt to cut the remainder of the weight. When he returned, he made the weight at 170 pounds even, the same as Lawler, guaranteeing the fight would remain for the belt vacated in December by longtime champion Georges St-Pierre.

    Hendricks had until 6:30 p.m. CT to make the mark, but he made it with a half-hour to spare.

    The last time a contestant in a championship match in a UFC

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  • UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has two brothers in the NFL - the younger Chandler of the New England Patriots and the eldest, Arthur, who recently joined the Indianapolis Colts. That much we already knew.

    What we didn't know, at least according to Arthur, is that Jon isn't even the best fighter in the family. During a recent media teleconference, the new Colts defensive tackle claimed that, as recently as a year ago, he beat up his MMA champ brother.

    “On record, and you can tell him that, too, I’ll whoop his butt, and it’s no secret,” Arthur said.

    “If you look at articles out there, he’ll tell you, me being the older brother, I’ve never lost a fight to him. Our last fight was probably maybe a year or two ago, but I’ve never lost a fight."

    Alright, so, leading by calling out your brother in his area of expertise may not be the classiest of moves for the oldest of the Jones brood. Perhaps to his credit, Arthur went on to mildly qualify his earlier claim before once again

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  • As a former WEC and UFC title-holder known for his superb conditioning, welterweight Carlos Condit lobbied UFC president Dana White hard to make his upcoming UFC 171 fight against Tyron Woodley Saturday a five-round affair. All UFC fights, except for main events and title bouts are scheduled for three rounds, and Condit and Woodley's co-main event is as well.

    Condit has said he expects to be given a title shot should he beat Woodley and so thought it fitting that their scrap be scheduled for twenty-five minutes. "The Natural Born Killer" looks at his conditioning as a weapon and wanted an extra one against Woodley Saturday night.

    "I feel like I definitely have an advantage in five round fights," Condit told reporters in Dallas for UFC 171 this week.

    "My endurance is a weapon. in those later rounds I can turn it on when other guys crumble."

    Condit feels that all fights that are supposed to determine number one contenders to belts should be five rounds.

    "In my opinion, title eliminators

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