• Cub Swanson answers Artem Lobov's challenge, cruises to unanimous decision victory

    Cub Swanson (L) catches Artem Lobov with a left hook during his victory Saturday in their featherweight bout in Nashville, Tenn. (Getty Images)

    Cub Swanson has had more important victories, as well as more spectacular ones.

    But the fourth-ranked featherweight from Palm Springs, Calif., came through in a no-win situation Saturday against unranked Artem Lobov on UFC FIght Night at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tenn.

    Lobov taunted Swanson and talked his way into the fight, then continued the verbal onslaught during the bout’s build-up. Lobov entered the fight with a 14-12-1 record and no wins of significance in the UFC.

    That created a burden for Swanson, who had little to gain and much to lose by taking the fight. Lobov performed well, but he was no match for Swanson, whose accurate strikes led him to a wide unanimous decision.

    Swanson’s accuracy was amazingly precise. He connected on 65 percent of his total strikes (193 of 301) and was 62 percent (168 of 272) in significant strikes.

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  • UFC fighter Cindy Dandois finds inspiration from an unusual source

    Cindy Dandois fights in the UFC, teaches high school in Belgium and finds inspiration from Walt Disney. (Getty Images)

    Give Cindy Dandois this: She’s probably the first UFC fighter, active or retired, to use “Frankenweenie” in a sentence.

    Dandois will make her UFC debut Saturday in Nashville, Tenn., when she faces veteran Alexis Davis in a three-round bantamweight bout. Dandois is a highly accomplished grappler and holds a victory over Invicta featherweight champion Megan Anderson.

    She’s also a high school teacher in Belgium, and will be back in the classroom on Monday, only minutes after touching down at the airport.

    Many of her students are MMA fans who will be watching her compete and will cheer her return to the classroom.

    “They are so great,” she said of her students. “They support me in every way that they can.”

    Dandois, who said ex-UFC women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate is her best friend, is one of those positive, can-do people with the cheery, upbeat attitude that the

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  • Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne are getting married.

    The former UFC women’s bantamweight champion announced her engagement to Browne in an interview with TMZ on Thursday.

    “We’re getting married,” Rousey said. Browne popped the question during a recent vacation in New Zealand.

    “We were out under a waterfall in New Zealand and it felt like the right place to do it,” said Browne.

    Browne and Rousey’s relationship went public in October 2015 when Browne appeared on “The MMA Hour” after much speculation regarding the connection between the two. The announcement comes with Rousey’s MMA future up in the air after losing her second consecutive fight in a knockout loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 207. But those losses apparently have only strengthened their bond.

    Ronda Rousey has announced her engagement to UFC fighter Travis Browne. (Getty)

    Last February, Rousey appeared on “Ellen” several months after suffering her first loss in the UFC to Holly Holm. When discussing her brief contemplation of

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  • Dana White says that Jon Jones could face Daniel Cormier in July as long as Jones is ready. (Getty)

    The UFC is looking to schedule a light heavyweight title fight between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones in July as long as Jones is ready and willing to take the fight. Jones’ one-year suspension for a failed drug test is scheduled to end in July and UFC president Dana White stated that an immediate path to reclaim the title he never lost inside of the Octagon is available to him.

    “If Jon Jones is ready to fight [by UFC 214] on July 29, we’ll see the Jones versus Cormier rematch, finally,” White told

    Ideally, a fight of this magnitude would be perfect for UFC 213 on July 8 during International Fight Week, which has regularly been one of the biggest cards of the year. However, with Jones’ suspension ending during that first week, there likely won’t be enough time to promote the fight. However, White is willing to put the fight on the July 29 pay-per-view in Anaheim.

    While Cormier is

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  • Demetrious Johnson tied Anderson Silva’s record for most consecutive UFC title defenses (10) on Saturday with an arm-bar submission of Wilson Reis at 4:49 of the third round.

    From start to finish, it was all Johnson. Reis couldn’t muster any offense and Johnson did whatever he wanted to with no repercussions. Johnson threw combinations at will and made Reis miss wildly at.

    The end of the fight came after Johnson scored a takedown and had Reis in mount position and started firing ground-and-pound punches. Effortlessly, Johnson took Reis’ right arm, quickly transitioned and locked in an armbar. Reis had no choice but to tap out.

    Now that he has tied the record, is Johnson the greatest champion in the history of the UFC? He certainly thinks so.

    “GSP (Georges St-Pierre) and Anderson (Silva) were great champions, but I’m the greatest champion to ever step inside this Octagon,” Johnson said in his post-fight interview with Brian Stann.

    The No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world has a

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  • Dana White claims Nate Diaz has turned down multiple offers to return to the Octagon. (Getty Images)
    Dana White claims Nate Diaz has turned down multiple offers to return to the Octagon. (Getty)

    The Nevada Athletic Commission reduced Conor McGregor’s punishment last month for the UFC 202 melee with Nate Diaz from a $75,000 fine and 50 hours of community service to a $25,000 fine and 25 hours of community service.

    Based off of that, it appeared likely Diaz would get the same courtesy as his original punishment was a $50,000 fine and 50 hours of community service.

    During their monthly meeting on Wednesday, the NAC reduced Diaz’s punishment to a $15,000 fine and 15 hours of community service.

    The incident took place when McGregor showed up late to the UFC 202 presser. When McGregor started talking, Diaz got up and walked with his entourage into the back of the David Copperfield Theater in Las Vegas. Diaz’s team started hurling water bottles and McGregor in response started throwing some things, including a Monster Energy can.

    Diaz’s attorney Sam Awad said his client already paid the fine

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  • Anthony Johnson a winner despite a loss because he knew enough to say enough

    Anthony Johnson takes a moment to compose himself before getting off the canvas after his loss Saturday to Daniel Cormier at UFC 210 in Buffalo, N.Y. (Getty Images)

    The attention on Anthony Johnson’s surprise retirement from the UFC on Saturday is misplaced.

    Though Johnson was coy, both in the cage after losing his light heavyweight title bout to Daniel Cormier in the main event of UFC 210 at the KeyBank Center in Buffalo, N.Y., and at the post-fight news conference, all the speculation was about the mystery job that is so lucrative it’s made him choose to walk away from his sport in his prime.

    He said very clearly several times why he’s walking away, but many were too focused on what is to come, with speculation ranging from playing for the Los Angeles Rams to running a dog kennel, to fully grasp his message.

    It’s not often that athletes at the peak of their powers walk away, and that’s what Johnson is doing. He’s 33 and still no worse than the third-best light heavyweight in the

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  • A controversial ruing left both Chris Weidman and Gegard Mousasi with a bad taste in their mouths. (Getty)

    Gegard Mousasi and Chris Weidman engaged in a highly anticipated clash of middleweight vying for a title shot in the co-main event at UFC 210.

    But when the dust settled, we were left with more questions than answers as Mousasi ended up taking a highly controversial TKO victory after landing a knee that was originally deemed as illegal yet overturned as confusion ensued.

    It was a bit of a mess for a fight that was just starting to heat up. Mousasi and Weidman were engaged in a high-octane chess match as they both tried to work toward their respective strengths. Then, in the second round, what looked like an illegal knee from Mousasi struck Weidman in the head. Referee Dan Miragliotta called a halt to the action and warned Mousasi as doctors came in to check on Weidman. Moments later, referee John McCarthy — who was outside and not involved in the match — informed Miragliotta that

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  • UFC 210: Daniel Cormier submits Anthony Johnson again, Johnson announces retirement

    Light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier celebrates after submitting Anthony Johnson at UFC 210 Saturday in Buffalo, N.Y. (Getty Images)

    Daniel Cormier has a deep and abiding love for professional wrestling, and he knows as well as anyone about the vagaries of crowds.


    The UFC light heavyweight champion is beloved by most who know him. He’s a friendly, affable man who has no ego and is as accommodating as a person can get.

    Since UFC crowds have chosen to make him the man they hate, Cormier has decided to roll with it.

    After submitting Anthony Johnson with a rear naked choke at 3:37 of the second round Saturday in their light heavyweight title bout in the main event of UFC 210 at KeyBank Center in Buffalo, N.Y., Cormier opted to embrace the heel image the fans have chosen to give him.

    After a tearful Johnson inexplicably announced his retirement, saying he’s taking a new job unrelated to MMA, Cormier did his best to antagonize just about anyone in his path.

    “I can’t get cheered, so

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  • Urijah Faber receives UFC Hall of Fame call, becomes its youngest member

    Referee John McCarthy raises Urijah Faber’s arm in victory in his career finale. On Saturday, the UFC announced Faber will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in July. (Getty Images)

    Whenever the hit 1995 song, “California Love,” began on arena loudspeakers at mixed martial arts events over the last 13-plus years, fans would rise to hail the arrival of Urijah Faber, the California Kid.

    In retirement, though, it might be best to tag him with another theme song. On the day that his election to the UFC Hall of Fame in the modern category was announced, the former World Extreme Cagefighting featherweight champion spoke incessantly about the importance of attitude.

    So maybe, Faber’s retirement anthem should be Bobby McFerrin’s, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

    “I have an attitude of gratitude about everything,” Faber said, speaking exclusively to Yahoo Sports. “That covers everything from the money I made to doors that were opened to opportunities I’ve been given, the opportunities I may be able to

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  • Saturday’s UFC 210 main event is Daniel Cormier defending the light heavyweight title against Anthony Johnson. But, with the way the fight week has gone down, one would think Cormier was facing Jon Jones.

    On Friday morning, Cormier somehow magically lost 1.2 pounds in 144 seconds after weighing in at 206.2 pounds. When he weighed in the second time, Cormier was holding a privacy towel in front of himself.

    Jones was asked what his thoughts were on the matter at a UFC media event Friday afternoon. He had no problem blasting Cormier, feeling he used the towel to shift his weight on the digital scale.

    “The crazy thing is that it was allowed to happen,” Jones said. “I would imagine there has to be some type of commission or something to go back and see this blatant foul play and address it. Nobody addressed it. They just basically got away with one of the dirtiest things I’ve seen in sports.”

    Daniel Cormier
    Daniel Cormier was called out by Jon Jones on Friday prior to UFC 210. (Getty Images)

    Cormier met

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  • A 5th grader got the best of Ronda Rousey. (Getty)

    Ronda Rousey is back in the gym.

    Whether or not she’s preparing for another fight in the UFC is unknown. In the interim, Rousey appears to be staying in shape while also teaching young men and women the fine art of judo.

    However, the teacher swiftly became the student when an 11-year-old boy managed to get the upper hand on the 2010 Olympic bronze medalist.

    A 5th grader identified as Jaxton Lundell got the best of Rousey with a sweep of her left leg, which caused the former UFC women’s bantamweight champion to take an awkward tumble to the mat. Lundell immediately smiled and admired his work while a man can be heard off-camera shouting, “You gotta finish! you gotta pin her!”

    #NextGenJudo teaching @themaxston ashi waza

    A post shared by rondarousey (@rondarousey) on Apr 4, 2017 at 1:37pm PDT

    It was all captured and published on Rousey’s Instagram page and it’s clear the former champion is not in hiding after her loss to Amanda Nunes

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  • Pearl Gonzalez will not make her UFC debut this weekend after a rule forced her out of the fight. (Getty)

    UPDATE: The New York State Athletic Commission has cleared Pearl Gonzalez to fight at UFC 210 after “careful consideration.”

    News circulated after the early weigh ins for UFC 210 that Pearl Gonzalez would be unable to compete due to a rule that doesn’t allow women with breast implants to fight. However, a statement was later released by the NYSAC that put her back into her main card fight with Cynthia Calvillo.

    “After careful consideration and review, including a conversation with Pearl Gonzalez’s treating physician, the Commission has determined that Ms. Gonzalez is medically cleared to participate in the UFC 210 event in Buffalo, NY.”

    The statement provided no further information.

    ORIGINAL STORY: Pearl Gonzalez was scheduled to make her UFC debut on the main card of UFC 210 Saturday night in a strawweight showdown with Cynthia Calvillo. However, in a bizarre turn of events,

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  • Daniel Cormier makes weight on second attempt, rumble with Anthony Johnson is on

    UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier made weight on his second attempt Friday for his Saturday bout with Anthony Johnson in Buffalo, N.Y. (Getty Images)

    Light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and challenger Anthony “Rumble” Johnson injected some drama into the UFC 210 weigh-in Friday, both making weight in the final seconds.

    Cormier weighed twice in the final five minutes, and somehow managed to lose 1.2 pounds in that short period of time to hit the 205-pound limit. Cormier, who appeared drawn from his weight cut, weighed in at 206.2 while stripped naked at about 10:56 a.m. ET, just four minutes before the deadline.

    He left with a dejected look on his face, but stunningly returned about a minute or two later, hopped on the digital scale and weighed 205. He put his hand on the towel that was held in front of him for privacy, which created a bit of a controversy, but New York State Athletic Commission officials ruled it a valid attempt.

    Then, at 11 a.m. on the dot, Johnson

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  • Kelvin Gastelum fails drug test, fight with Anderson Silva at UFC 212 is off

    UFC middleweight Kelvin Gastelum failed a drug test and his fight with ex-champion Anderson Silva has been canceled. (AP)

    Kelvin Gastelum was zooming toward the top of the middleweight division, proving himself a legitimate title contender with back-to-back impressive wins over veterans Tim Kennedy and Vitor Belfort.

    But Gastelum won’t get the opportunity he craved the most because of yet another self-inflicted problem.

    The UFC announced Thursday that Gastelum failed a drug test following his March 11 victory over Belfort in Brazil and has been provisionally suspended by USADA.

    As a result, Gastelum has been pulled from his bout with Anderson Silva at UFC 212, one he called for after his win over Belfort.

    Gastelum tested positive for Carboxy-THC, which is a metabolite of marijuana. He was above the allowed limit of 180 nanograms/milliliter. Marijuana is not banned outside of competition, and it is permissible in the system in dosages lower than 180 ng/ml in competition.

    The UFC’s

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  • It feels like if we don’t hear news about the potential fight between UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor and boxing great Floyd Mayweather, then it means the proposed bout won’t occur.

    Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. In an interview with Yahoo Sports’ Chris Mannix, UFC president Dana White was asked if there was an update on negotiations for the superfight.

    “Well, Conor McGregor is having a baby right now,” White told Mannix. “After his girlfriend delivers their baby, we’ll start working on this deal.”

    McGregor and his girlfriend Dee Devlin are having a boy and she’s due in May. Even though the baby isn’t due for another month, that doesn’t mean McGregor can’t start getting ready for the proposed showdown. The Irishman’s head coach John Kavanaugh recently told Fox Sports News that McGregor has already started training like the fight will take place.

    One of the biggest obstacles for the fight to come to fruition is what McGregor will get paid. A fight of this magnitude

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  • Khabib Nurmagomedov says that he “almost died” when cutting weight last month. (Getty Images)

    Khabib Nurmagomedov was heading toward the biggest fight of his UFC career when he was scheduled to face Tony Ferguson for the interim lightweight title at UFC 209 in March.

    However, to the shock of everyone, the Russian was a no-show at the early weigh-ins the day before the fight. It was later revealed that Nurmagomedov was hospitalized and subsequently removed from the card just 24 hours before the event.

    With his future in question, Nurmagomedov has been relatively quiet since the ordeal. But the undefeated fighter broke his silence on The MMA Hour and addressed what took place leading up to the fight.

    “In the evening, I feel badly. I feel different. I never feel like this,” Nurmagomedov told Ariel Helwani. “One day before weigh-in, of course I don’t feel good all the time, but I think this is like something different. And when I go home the night before weigh-ins, I feel crazy. I’m cutting

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  • Quinton
    Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is now 37-12 in his pro career. (Getty)

    CHICAGO – Going into his Bellator 175 main event rematch against Muhammad Lawal, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson said he wanted to knock Lawal out this time around.

    Jackson didn’t get his wish, losing to Lawal by unanimous decision.

    “He came to fight,” Lawal said. “I had a game plan and he was great.”

    Yes, Jackson did fight at Bellator 175 on Friday night at the Allstate Arena. But, did he really fight?

    Listening to him at the pre-fight press conference, he sure didn’t sound like the “Rampage” we’ve grown accustomed to over the years. Normally he’s cracking jokes and disrespecting whomever he is competing against. This time we saw a person who respected his opponent and was reflective when he clarified the remarks he made to ESPN earlier in the week when Jackson said he regretted getting into the sport.

    Then, the former UFC light heavyweight champion weighed-in on Thursday at an absurd 253 pounds – the heaviest Jackson has ever

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  • Quinton
    Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has won five straight fights and is 37-11 in his pro career. (Getty)

    CHICAGO- When it comes to voicing his opinion on a topic, you can expect Quinton “Rampage” Jackson to tell you how he really feels. But when the narrative isn’t to his liking, then he gets upset at the media for not accurately portraying exactly what he meant.

    During an interview earlier this week to promote his Bellator 175 main event bout on Friday against Muhammad “King Mo” Lawal, Jackson was asked his biggest regret about mixed martial arts. He surprised fight fans by saying he wished he’d never gotten into the sport.

    At the pre-fight news conference on Wednesday, Jackson clarified his comments and blamed the reporter for the reaction the story has received.

    “Man, half the time when you do interviews, you get negative people in the world who want to spin words and get clickbait, or just get people to listen to their interviews. It’s hard being in the public eye when you just keep it

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  • War Machine hopes that Christy Mack will forgive him for the 2014 assault that left her needing multiple surgeries.  (Getty)

    Jonathan Koppenhaver, who changed his name legally to War Machine, was convicted last week in Las Vegas on 29 counts for the 2014 crimes stemming from the brutal assault of his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack. The incarcerated ex-MMA fighter broke his silence for the first time on Twitter since the verdict was read with a message directed toward the woman who he harmed in 2014.

    After starting the post off by quoting a lyric from Johnny Cash’s “Folsom County Blues,” War Machine proceeded to explain how he was at peace with the verdict, his renewed faith in God and his hope that one day Christy Mack will forgive him for his heinous acts.

    “Christy: I am sorry for the man that I was, I am sorry for hurting you,” he wrote. “One

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