Wrigley Field’s new LED board debuts in Chicago

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

This past offseason brought a lot of new additions in cities across the league. Anaheim got Albert Pujols. Detroit welcomed Prince Fielder. Miami obtained Jose Reyes.

And Chicago? Well, White Sox got Kosuke Fukudome while the Cubs got David DeJesus and a new LED board at Wrigley Field. Behold the best of the three!

The 75-foot board was part of the "party deck" renovations in the right field corner of the Friendly Confines. It's designed to bring fans both player information and between-inning commercials and I actually have to say that it doesn't stand out that much in the shots I've been seeing on television. I might even dare to say it kind of blends in once the bleachers and stands are full. Then again, this is something I welcome after 33 years of attending games with little to no supplementary info about the players on the field. The future is now!

No, it's definitely not the "old" Wrigley by any means, but it's something fans will have to get used to. The Ricketts family is going to be exploring any revenue stream to keep the team competitive — just like the Red Sox ownership group started doing with Fenway Park a decade ago. And even if you hate the idea of any progress encroaching on Wrigley Field, I think you can admit it could look a lot, lot worse.

What do you think?

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